Warrior Queens

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Warrior Queens


Deposit for the all Babes Boudoir Warrior Queen Party being help on Monday November 11th In Salem Ma.

Deposits will secure your spot and are non-refundable but are put toward the final cost of the shoot $250 ($200 will be due on or before the day of the shoot). The Photoshoot will be held at The Satanic Temple with multiple backdrops, some props and costumes will be provided. Hair and makeup are available on request but are additional. Refreshments and drinks will be provided. Not only does everyone leave with a few steamy and empowering photos of themselves but it’s one heck of a fun party to boot.

My goal with these sessions is to not only have a great sexy “dress up” party thats filled with laughs, smiles, snacks and drinks, but to empower each woman who attends. Sometimes we need the support of our friends to help us really see the inner beauty so we can really let it shine out from us. Each session will be guided with detailed posing suggestions and support to ensure that we are creating art that matches your vision.

Spots are on a first come first served policy. Once your spot is secured you will be added to a group chat via IG with all the babes that will be there so we can get to know each other, dish about outfits and share details.

** this is a private event and limited to those who secure their spot via deposit on a first come first serve basis**

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Do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not! Although most women do tend to try some topless or "implied" nudes during their boudoir session, the choice to do so is completely up to you.

You can be as covered up as you want, whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

My goal is for you to be totally at ease and relaxed during your boudoir shoot, it goes a long way towards getting the best shots possible.

Can I really do this? I'm not a model and feel I need to lose a few pounds.

You definitely can! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, every woman can take gorgeous, sexy photos.

It is a common misconception that you need to lose weight or get in better shape before a boudoir shoot. Curves are sexy and the camera loves them.

I have shot with women of every imaginable shape, size and age. I am here to ensure you look your best and help show you poses and angles that can minimize or hide any insecurity you may have.

Do you offer retouching?

Only at your request. I can always retouch finished photos from a shoot, however you may not necessarily notice it in the final image. My retouching style produces a very natural look, almost as if no retouching has been applied at all.

I can clear up skin blemishes, clean up stray hairs, smooth out skin and enhance the beauty you already have. I want the person in the finished photos to look like you, not some over airbrushed, plastic skin stranger.

I'm concerned about privacy, will the photos get posted to your website?

I understand that participating in a boudoir photo shoot is a very intimate experience and your privacy is one of my top concerns. All the photos that appear on my website do so only with the express written permission of the people who appear in them.